Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Today would have been 64 YEARS, that is such an extremely amazing number. Memere and Pepere have been such an example to so many of us. Just weeks before the accident I had grabbed a frame at Walmart to frame this photo. It sits on our entertainment center. I loved it as they mean so much to us. Now that Memere is gone from this world, that picture still sits up top and I find myself glancing at it often, I usually end up staring and offering up a small prayer...a prayer of thanks for having her in our lives, a prayer of sorrow for all those that are still processing saying good-bye, a prayer for Pepere navigating this new course of life. Tears come to my eyes often as I look at it.
What I love about this picture, that has really become present to me since Memere's funeral and returning home is that she is at the center of it. Just as she was in life, she was the center of Pepere's world, the center of the home...she is the mother and wife I hope to be. Their love is so visible, it was a dreary day, but somehow this photo makes it look like the sun was shining so brightly on them. I know Pepere misses her today and I pray he finds peace in the love he still has for her and in the love Our Father has for us. Beau was a little saddened on Valentine's Day because Pepere was alone. I feel that way today, but I know she lives on his heart as she does in all of ours. So Happy Anniversary to a couple that will live forever because of the way they have shared their lives with so many.

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