Thursday, February 18, 2010


During Luke's hockey games, they had five players on the ice, one was goalie. Because there were only 8 players for Luke's team sometimes they had to stay on the ice for more than one 3 minute shift. As soon as the horn sounds Luke heads for the sidelines and getting to go another shift proved to be difficult. So the coaches started having play goalie for one 3 minute shift and then go skate and play the puck for the next 3. One time he played the puck, then goal tended, then played the puck and was out there for 9 minutes, he was ready for a break. He didn't always pay attention as goalie, but he did stop several. It was fun to watch him back there because it was obvious he was watching everything around him, when the coaches cheered for a blocked goal, he would beam and look at them, only sometimes this ended up in the other team having a chance to score because he wasn't paying attention. At least he was taller than the goal. :)

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hi luke
how are you i be goind church 9:00 am
aunt brandy