Saturday, September 25, 2010

Favorites from Our Week With Pepere and Auntie Gail

We've had two days of getting back into our old routines. Today we our just hanging out and getting some stuff accomplished around the house. Soon I am going to try to accomplish making Luke take a nap he's a little grumpy.
I asked everyone what their favorite part of having Auntie Gail and Pepere here was...the answers follow...some of them surprised me, others didn't.

Luke "I loved playing games with them, and making cookies with Auntie Gail."
Anna "My favorite was when Pepere came to have lunch with me at school." By her reaction to them coming which was silence, we never would have guessed that this was her favorite, but I'm glad it was.
Beau "I really liked when we went to Beaver Creek Park."
Mine was playing cards after the kids went to bed, late night chats with Auntie Gail, Pepere's popeyes and kisses and hugs, and just getting to share our life with them.
Owen really enjoyed dancing with Pepere, everytime he heard Pepere's voice he'd look for him and smile, and he loved cuddling with Auntie Gail, he misses her putting him to bed.
Ben didn't give an answer he was just super thankful to have them come as we all were. We loved showing them our home and our life here in Montana even if the weather didn't cooperate.
Our home is always open, we love company.
Thankyou Pepere and Auntie Gail for coming to see us.

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