Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our World Today

Today has been one of those days. Anna is home from school sick because she had a fever when she got out of school yesterday. She also had a big headache in the middle of the night. However, today she has had no fever, she is feeling fine, and she is starting to get on my nerves.
Luke had pictures at school and I forgot. So he wore a bright red lifeguard t-shirt and I asked if I could come at 11 and bring a shirt and they said sure. So I did, but they weren't there and wouldn't be back til 12:30 so we'll try for retakes. (Anna is shooting for retakes too because she had a black eye in hers.) It's nap time but nobody is sleeping, hmm.
Beau has forgotten his spelling words all week and if he forgets them today I am going to be very unhappy. Anna didn't do her homework yesterday so her teacher chatted with me after school, Beau turned it in today because I made her do it last night sick or not (it was just coloring).
On a positive note, our dog Mattie is going to live and should come home today...thankfully because Beau was not going to handle her dying very well.
Owen got a new (borrowed) toy. He loves the exersaucer, he is growing so fast.

Notice in the above picture he is a very bald baby,
and in the picture below the hair he does have looks
kind of funny. I am trying to get the courage up to give
him a little haircut. We'll see if that happens.
He sure is cute though and has so many different expressions.

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Christy said...

We have the same exesacaucer, ours is 9 years was a gift when Jacob was born! Ours is now on its 4th baby!