Saturday, September 25, 2010

Photo shoot at Sunset

We had a beautiful sunset tonight and the kids were all dressed nice from going to church so I seized the moment. We went outback and had a little photo shoot. It was fun, the kids cooperated really well and these are just a few of what I go. I also played around with some editing software as I am trying to learn as I go. The sky is natural and amazing. Anna has a black eye from soccer the other night and Beau has a haircut scheduled for Tuesday, but this is the life with kids, it is never perfect but we embrace every moment anyway. Luke had tears in his eyes in some and Owen refused to smile even once, I think he was a little unsure of how secure he was. I think they all look amazing though and I know someday I will look at these and remember the perfect sky surrounding my imperfect children and smile because it was a perfect moment captured by an imperfect mom.

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