Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Birthday To Our Baby

One year ago today I was introduced to the smiliest little boy in the world. He came when Ben was the busiest he could be at work, but nonetheless Ben was there by my side to welcome our fourth child. Owen came home to join our busy household just a few weeks into summer vacation so I got to have several weeks of just me and four beautiful children, Ben had to work very long hours because of major flooding. I wouldn't say that I remember it being the happiest time of my life, for the first time I experience post partum depression a little (or a lot). Thankfully I had three great kids that played non-stop and only came to ask for meals while I rocked and cuddled with my bundle of joy fighting off the negatives.
That month went by so fast as have the following months. My baby is the biggest one we've had. He didn't want to be a baby, he has done everything early. He wants to be one of the big kids, but he still cuddles and needs me all the time. He's a hilarious little boy, his antics have always kept us laughing. He would spin on his bottom from the time he could sit up and jabber non-stop. Now he is running and still jabbering incessantly. He refuses to go down steps backwards, but can climb up them way too quickly. He loves swinging and anything that makes his stomach drop. Owen Benjamin is really living up to his name, he has no fear, he tries everything and the boy loves to eat. He lives to go outside, if someone doesn't take him out he will beat the door down until he gets his way. He plays with balls all day, he kicks and throws and chases them all over. Give him a golf club or baseball bat and he will walk around the yard hitting and chasing. There is no shortage of fun when Owen is around and there is no rest, but we are so thankful to have him. He makes us laugh, he keeps us busy, and he has shown me just how wonderful his older siblings are in the way they love him and take care of him.
Happy Birthday to our Owen, we love you.

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