Saturday, June 18, 2011

Owen's Cake and the Why Behind It

The kids insisted we make Owen a cake for his birthday.
Today was my grandmother's 93rd birthday and we had a party for her.
But we couldn't ignore that tomorrow (almost today, its late)
Owen turns one. So we made him a cake too.
Owen loves balls, and his siblings were more than helpful in the design
and carrying out the cake decorating.
Beau did the green for the soccer ball and tennis ball, Anna did the orange for the
basketball, and Luke did the blue. They critiqued my technique along the way
and they were all very happy with the end product, although
Beau said we should have had a red "1" on a green pentagon.

This is why Owen had a cake of balls.
He loves balls. He really enjoys golf, but I didn't want
to try to decorate a cake with dimples.

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