Monday, September 3, 2012

Luke's Birthday Party

Luke decided at the last minute he wanted a star wars cake.
He made a cake in the shape of star and added some light sabers.
It worked.
He loved his cake and his party.

 Memere and Pappa Lloyd send him a Ninjago, he was a little excited.
Ok a lot, he loved it.
Luke has always had the best reactions.

I'm not a great bithday party thrower, but I did put together a scavenger hunt.
It was raining, so Anna braved the rain to follow the boys, and I stayed on the porch.
They brought their light sabers to act out the part of jedis on a quest.
They had to find the clues in order hidden all around the yard,
they had a lot of fun doing it and their prize in the end was a candy light saber, a.k.a. push pop.

Owen was a little excited when Luke blew out his candles.

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