Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Like Me

This blog is mostly about the kids and life and what's happening at any given moment. But this blog has also become my way of remembering. I go back and read old posts I have written and remember how it was or what I need to work to regain, or I'm thankful that we are no longer at that point in our lives. This post is for me, I need to remember where I am right now, because I like me.
So many times in my life I think, "who am I?" I know who I am to my husband and kids and other family but who am I to me, so this is a compiliation of who I am right now, because I need to remember sometimes I like me, and I am trying hard to be who God wants me to be and that is enough. So this list is just for me, please remember that as you read it, I'm not doing this for anyone else but I want to come back in a month from now when I'm having a hard day (like yesterday was) or a year from now when I'm in a slump and remember, I like me.

Who I Am

1. I am a child of God.
2. I am a wife.
3. I am a mother.
4. I am a daughter.
5. I am a sister.
6. I am a friend.
7. I am a confidant.
8. I am a coach.
9. I am an educator.
10. I am an athlete.
11. I am a runner.
12. I am strong, mentally, physically, and always working to be spiritually.
13. I am a leader.
14. I am a follower.
15. I am a volunteer.
16. I am a business woman.
17. I am a chauffeur.
18. I am a student.
19.  I am a hand to hold.
20. I am a shoulder to cry on.
21. I am a comforter.
22. I am goal oriented.
23. I am a dreamer.
24. I am a realist.
25. I am love.

A few times writing this list I had to backspace because I was going to put I am not, but that's why I wrote this it isn't about what I can't do or what I'm not doing or who I want to be, it is who I am now. It is believing in myself just the way I am, because my God believes in me that way, my husband believes in me just how I am and that is enough. I like me, I've written that a lot because it is something I am working on. I am prone to negative self talk (just ask my mom, it's her least favorite quality of mine), but I am trying to think and therefore become. I like me, I like who I am, I like who I'm with, and I like who I want to be. Please pray for me as I continue this journey of life, pray that I always remember to like me just where I am. I'm praying for you and I like you. May God bless us all on this journey of life.

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Anonymous said...

Nice job! I like you too!