Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Table

About six years ago we took a trip to Connecticut. During that trip Ben asked his beloved grandfather if we could explore his barn attic. So Ben and I ventured into the barn attic and found an old table in two pieces top and bottom. It was beautiful and had so much potential. So we went back in the house and asked his grandparents if there was a story behind it and if we could take it home and restore it. They couldn't remember where it came from and gave us a hard time about turning our exploration into salvaging but let us take it home. The table has always been something we both loved and coming from his grandparents whom we love dearly has always been something we cherish. We moved from Kentucky to Montana with the table still in two pieces having no time to use it or put it together. In montana we had so many projects the table agains sat untouched. But then we put it together and used it as a workplace in our bedroom. It was covered with a tablecloth because it's top was an eyesore but the structure was beautiful. After Memere passed away we became more determined to finish the table and we cherished it even more. Memere had joked with us when we asked for it that if she weren't careful the whole family would come over and clean out her attic and who knows what else. She loved so deeply we miss her greatly. But now another move later we finally have restored the table to its glory and I know Memere would approve and I can't wait to show Pepere when he comes to visit. It now proudly displays my Thirty-One products and as I say here typing thinking of Memere it seems more than appropriate because Memere exemplified the Proverbs 31 woman and that is the foundation of my company. Thank you Memere and Pepere for your legacy and for our table that is much more to us than a wood project.

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