Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hockey and Fun

Beau had his first hockey game this morning. The age group is 7-8 year olds, but our team is made up of 5-8 year olds. We lost big time, but the kids learned so much and had fun. Beau isn't afraid to take on any opponent no matter how much bigger they are. They change out every couple of minutes so they aren't on the ice long. As parents we just want them to have fun and are encouraged when they try. We have our next game this afternoon and then one more this evening. We will finish up with one game in the morning. It is a busy weekend of hockey, but we are finding time to enjoy the hotel pool and just be together as a family without the pressures of getting things done around the house. It is nice to get out of town and just breathe some different air. The kids are definitely enjoying the change in scenary. They have been so excited that we've had to tone them down several times, but now Luke is napping and Beau and Anna are playing quietly. Time to get the hockey gear on, and get back over to the arena.
Wish you could all be hear enjoying this with us, maybe next year. Anna is even considering playing next year.

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