Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Luke Milestone

Luke reached a big milestone in life today. He wrote his name all alone for the first time. I am so proud of him. I circled where he wrote all by himself. I would write it and he would watch and then he tried. He did great until we got to the letter A and then he kept making it look like an H. He was trying to write Beau's name when he got stuck. I also realized how closely related he and Beau are at this point. I won't mention that he threw his pencil across the room and proceeded to stomp to him room in all out tantrum mode. I completely ignored him for at least 15 minutes until he was done and came and climbed into my lap. It wasn't quite the magnitude of some of Beau's tantrums but he was definitely not happy about being unable to make an A. We will try again later today or tomorrow. I'm really happy with what we accomplished today, he just had it click. B is a hard letter and he did great with that one. E is my favorite, he just keeps adding lines until it is filled, that is how he used to make his L's, so we have made huge strides. That was his first attempt at U and he did great. Maybe we'll try Anna's name tomorrow, we'll see how far over the edge two A's in one name throws him, ha, it is fun being a mom.