Sunday, March 15, 2009


Ben has 70 gray hairs, Anna counted them last week one day.

Beau has designed at least 15 different bionicles in the last two weeks, each being his best yet, and he designed some spaceships out of legos, pretty awesome stuff.

Anna missed 3 and a half days of school with strep throat, and her classmates practically knocked her down hugging her when she finally came back. She was missed, I guess.

Luke enjoyed his sister being home most of the week, although he didn't understand why she just laid around and wouldn't play.

Luke and I enjoy lunch with his girlfriend who is home from college on Spring Break. Luke can't wait until she is home for the whole summer.

Ben is off for a week of work out of town, cereal for dinner, that is the only good thing I can come up with about him leaving.

I spent the weekend with a fever and I'm finally feeling human again.

My Home Signatures order arrived, the decor definitely adds some needed touch to the house. Pictures to come.

Ben took all three kids to church alone this morning, his first time ever. I really considered going but since my fever had broke at about 3 in the morning I decided to stay home in case it returned. I slept the whole time they were gone and finally got up about noon. Talk about a waste of a weekend. But then again, how amazing is Ben, he really picked up the slack and kept the kids out of my hair, kuddos and lots of love for him. Thanks Ben.

The weather is finally warming up and we are preparing for the mud. My next big purchase is mud boots for the entire family, can't wait.

Hope your weekend was great too.

God Bless

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