Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Busy Weekend

Owen was introduced to bionicles, thanks to Luke.

Daddy was home all day Saturday and Sunday,
after working 14-16 hour days since last Sunday
it was very wonderful to have him here and watch Owen
bond with him. They did a lot of cuddling just like this.
Hopefully the flooding is under control and Ben will work
more regular hours and maybe get a little time off.

And most importantly, Anna turned 7. She requested homemade chicken nuggets, a meal she and daddy make together. She loves helping in the kitchen and she really enjoyed her daddy time. She got a small stuffed horse from her brothers. She had requested an Easy Bake Oven for her present, and nothing else, but I couldn't get myself to buy that so instead I put together a bag of all her own baking dishes. She got cake pans, a cookie sheet, muffin pan, measuring cups and spoons, and a couple cookie mixes she can put together herself and bake. She and I will probably do sugar cookies tomorrow. She can't wait to get to put her stuff to use, but this weekend just went too fast. Now she just needs an apron and some hotpads and she'll be all set. It will be fun to watch her create in the kitchen and I will let her explore more recipes as she wants. It is so fun to watch her grow from a little girl into a big girl, she is the greatest big sister and loves to hold Owen and help with him. I don't want her to grow too fast though she is perfect just where she is.

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