Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Slightly Different Topic

Ben was finally able to put the swing set back together after a wind storm knocked it out of commission a few months ago. The kids were helpful and enjoyed being able to play in it again. It is concreted into the ground so that it won't fall again. There was also a birds nest from a Western Meadowlark right near the swingset that the kids loved to watch. We would all be silent when the momma bird came around and we got to watch the baby birds be fed several times.
Anna's picture is to highlight her tooth that fell out a few weeks ago, she is now missing one of her top teeth and close to losing the second one, I am hoping it falls out soon because it looks quite crooked and crazy in her mouth right now. She finds it all very funny. The tooth fairy forgot to come the first night so she just figured lots of kids had lost their teeth that day and patiently waited for the next night. When the tooth fairy came there was a note thanking the tooth fairy for coming and for leaving money, there was also a P.S. obviously added later that said "please come tonight", the tooth fairy only felt some slight guilt after reading that.
The kids also insisted on a birthday cake for daddy's birthday.

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