Monday, June 21, 2010

Owen with Beau, Anna, and Luke

Just some pictures of Beau, Anna, and Luke checking out their baby brother and a few of Daddy spending some time loving on him. Everyone was up by 6:30 and Ben was out the door with kisses from all. Unfortunately severe flooding on the reservation is keeping Ben from staying home with us the next few days, but we will manage. I have free hands now to type this thanks to big sister. Owen couldn't possibly more loved. The older three will watch a movie soon while I doze and we will take the day as it comes. Owen has his days and nights a little confused but I he is a very mild crier and he only lets out a little roar to let me know he needs to burp or a diaper change. If he is hungry, he just starts rooting and rarely lets out more than a small mew. I calling him roaring Owen or my little cub because he kind of does sound like a little lion cub, and it goes along with Ben always calling his boys his "man cubs". He just went to sleep on Anna's lap so I think it is time for a shower for me and then a little nap. I have lots more pictures from last night and this morning and will try to post throughout the day, but never know what the next hour will bring. I feel very good and am so thankful for how smoothly everything went. We were greatly blessed with a wonderful doctor and great nurses who really knew what they were doing.

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