Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Odds and Ends

Luke loves to wear my t-shirts to bed at night, I think he looks
so cute in shirts that hang off of him. Getting him to change
into regular clothes in the morning is very difficult.

Luke also got a haircut, Beau says he looks like a marine.
His smile is just irresistable.

Anna got to make her first batch of cookies
yesterday with her new bakewear. She loved it.

Mommy needs to work on patience, but Anna did great.

I think it will be easier for both of us once I'm back to my
normal self and we have a little more of a routine going on around here.

Both Luke and Anna still love holding Owen
and spend time helping with him. Beau holds
him more frequently now especially when he is awake,
he likes talking to him and making jokes about him, Beau's interactions
are very similar to how Ben is with the kids, but Ben holds him a lot more than Beau.

My favorite stamp ever.

Owen after a bath, his hair is curly right after it is washed.
He really enjoys the water and was completely relaxed afterward.

Snuggled all tight in his cradle built by daddy and in his blanket knit
by Great Grandma Marnell, which was originally Beau's but we've gotten lots
of use out of it with all the kids.

Guess Beau didn't get a picture in here, he spends most of his days
playing bionicles, and loves getting to spend an hour on the computer.
The TV is seldom on and when Beau gets bored he picks up a book.
He usually has several chapter books started at once, and he is just
waiting for book 5 of the Percy Jackson series, we can't find it at the library,
but we'll keep looking.

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heidi said...

I somehow LOST you and in the meantime you went and had a baby!!! Cngratulations to you guys - how exciting!!!!