Friday, December 17, 2010

Because its been too long...

Time is flying by, Christmas is 8 days away and Luke has the countdown. He informs us many times throughout the day. We are leaving in three days and there are no bags packed.
Hockey is in full swing, two nights a week practice and scrimmage on Sunday. The boys are both improving so much.
Beau loves karate, he and Ben do it together two nights a week.
Anna is in gymnastics and hates the bars, the thing I thought she would like the most, what do I know.
We are all so excited for our trip. We can't wait to see all of our family it has been way too long.
Owen is ready to meet everyone and I am ready to pass him off to whoever will take him. He is great but a handful at times. He sits very well and will fall over on purpose to his belly to get what he wants if it is out of reach. This has ended up in two presents being bitten open and him choking on wrapping paper, ugh. He is no longer allowed to even be sat down anywhere near the tree.
Time to get things around and go back to town, to pick up Luke and attend Christmas parties for Beau and Anna.
See everyone soon.

Much love,

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