Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Little Bit of the Weekend

Ana had her first reconciliation on Saturday morning. It went well, and she wasn't too nervous. Then this morning during Mass, she was called forward with her class and had to hang her name tag on the Jesse tree. After Mass someone who has known Anna since kindergarten commented on how much Anna has grown, in kindergarten she wouldn't even stand in front of the class, and today she was proud to stand in front of the whole congregation. Amazing what living somewhere for a longer period of time does, and what growing up does. Anna is quickly turning into a young lady and it is kind of scary, but she is beautiful inside and out.

Snapshots of Owen.
He is taking baths sitting up alone in the tub now. I am right there of course but he doesn't need me much. Occasionally he slips, I finally know what to ask for for him for Christmas, one of those fancy bath no slip mats and some tub toys. It is helping us create a nightly routine and helping get him to bed at a regular time. YEAH! He sat in front of the tree for me too, he is super smiley and loves to have a good time. Beau wiped drool off his chin in between pictures for me. I brought my camera to take pictures of all the kids but somehow they escaped from getting any taken. Maybe tomorrow.

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