Sunday, December 19, 2010


Hockey started back up at the end of October, I finally remembered my camera for their scrimmage today. They both have improved so much. Beau's puck handling is getting so good.
Luke is much faster and more agile than last year, he really gets around well out there. Beau still prefers defense but has significantly improved on offense and scored an awesome goal today (although I missed it which really made him upset at me, it is hard to watch two ends of the ice at once.)

Luke scoring a goal.

Luke just getting ready to fall.
Luke just getting out on the ice.

Beau watching the puck.

Beau taking the drop.

Beau just after making a pass.
I didn't get a close up of Beau, he wears his skates to the rink and gets on the ice as soon as possible. Luke still likes to carry his skates and put them on there so he has a few more minutes and he likes to cheese it up for the camera. They are both a lot of fun to watch and they give it their all when they are out there.

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heidi said...

Awesome! I really want one of my boys to play hockey. Just read back through some posts - I can't believe how big your kids have gotten! Merry Christmas to you - STAY WARM! Are you guys freezing to death right now?!