Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Came Early...

We decided to give the kids their big gifts tonight so they could play with them before they leave Monday. Owen got a ramp racer from us and a sock monkey from his siblings. Luke got Corroder, the hero factory lego thing he has wanted for a long time from his siblings and a table he can draw on from us. Anna got a littlest pet shop and a doll house. She absolutely loves her doll house and her eyes couldn't have been bigger. Beau got a game that u build yourself and he got a .22 from Ben (I mean us). He loves it and can't wait to go out and shoot it with his dad, his only downfall is there are many rules and stipulations with his gift and he will only be able to access it through us, but he is still very happy. The kids are waiting (impatiently) for me to come play U Build Sorry with them. Then we need to move the big toys to bedrooms and switch the crib from Anna's room to Luke's to make room for Anna's doll house. Quite an exciting night in the Marnell household. I'm 3/4 of the way packed and feeling good about that.
Enjoy the pictures.

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