Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chattahoochee River National Rec Area

We've gone to the Chattahoochee River twice now. Both times were fantastic, we just love to enjoy the outdoors. The first time we didn't wear swimsuits but we still ended up in the river. The second time we brought a raft and life jackets and although we'd really prefer a canoe we all fit in that will have to wait til a summer or two first we need a house. The kids love the water, Luke liked having a life jacket on this second visit, Owen was a little more tired this time so stayed on my hip more. The first time we went he wouldn't let us pick him up. I don't get a lot of pictures because the kids want me with them in the water. So here are a few although the one of Anna is from Stone Mountain, i just liked it too much and forgot to include it in the last post.
Looking forward to another weekend of fun.

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