Friday, September 23, 2011

The Big Kids

I got a whole week of Beau, Anna and Luke home this past week and while it was work and discipline and raised mommy voice (maybe occasionally a yell or four) it was a wonderful week. Beau was the roughest, when his schedule is changed he struggles, but yesterday proved all my lecturing was getting through. He was helpful, kind, endearing, and extremely pleasant to be around. Anna is and has always been pleasant 98% of the time, easy to get along with does what she's asked, but 2% of the time her attitude flares and world watch out when it does. Her flares this week were quickly contained and very few tears followed, but she has a way with words that is going to make us laugh but could easily get her into trouble too. She is still a tremendous big sister and always the first I ask to help with Owen. Luke is walking the line between being a little boy and a big boy, he wants to whine but knows he shouldn't, he tries to hang with the big kids but wants to hang back and curl up with his mommy still too. He had to take a nap one day because he was so tired, but I didn't tell him to he asked if he could. He is always so animated and still the best noise maker ever. I love this picture of the three of them. They were thrilled that I was making them stand still at Stone Mountain, Luke's making weird facial expressions, Anna's fixing her hair, and Beau looks bored. Can't believe how far we've come but looking forward to all that we still have before us. Owen is pulling up the rear but making sure he is part of all the action.
Oh yeah and I love these children and the one not pictured beyond any words could express, I love being their mother and I am overwhelmingly blessed because of them.

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