Monday, September 19, 2011

Owen Overcoming an Obstacle

Our house sits in the bottom of a bowl,
or that's how I would describe it.
The yard goes up at an angle all the way around the house.
The front yard is probably the steepest.
On Saturday Owen ambled up the front hill.
Once he got a little more than half way up he sat down.
Then he started calling for help.

No one came, but I grabbed the camera.

So he decided to try to get down on his own.
He took tiny steps.

It was precarious, he went slow.

And even being very precautious he still landed on his bum multiple times.

He thought I came to rescue him.

He realized I hadn't and got up to finish the trek on his own.

Proud of himself.

Hi Mom, I'm almost there.

He watched his feet the rest of the way down, and he made it without another fall.

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