Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Early Christmas Presents

Huge thanks to Memere and Pappa Lloyd, their present to the kids this year was a basketball hoop, and they absolutely love it. We gave them the basketball hoop after school this week and they have been outside shooting basketballs for hours every day since. Even Ben has spent hours out there with them. It has been raining a few days and the minute the drops stop falling at least one if not two kids are outside shooting, Anna's shirts often have a big wet spot in the middle from catching the ball when it is wet from the rain splattered driveway. They all are already improving on their shots and even Owen loves to be lifted up to put it through the hoop. We might have to get him a small hoop of his own though because my arms get tired lifting him and Ben isn't always home to do it.
Beau resting a moment.

Anna shooting, with Luke waiting his turn.

Beau makes it.

Anna dribbling in.

Ben waiting for the rebound.
Luke's shot.

Anna's shot.

Beau dribbling.
Then their second early present came from Bama and PopPop, thank you. We got annual passes to the Georgia Aquarium, so today was our first visit. They loved every minute of it and they each have their own favorite thing. They'll have to report those some other time because I can't remember tonight. My favorites were the garden eels and the gobi's I could sit and watch them for hours. They are brightly colored and very active. I think Anna would say the sea otters were her favorite, and Luke the penguins. Beau touched a shark, and they all touched sting rays except Owen. Owen loved to watch but was scared if anything swam too close to the glass. The penguins were fun to watch, but for me watching my kids react to it all was the most fun.

Owen looking up at the fish swimming above him.

Beau might know the name of this, I don't.

Watching the fish.

Uncooperative group photo, at least the fish are looking.

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