Sunday, December 11, 2011

Introducing Luke to a Navy Jet

Many thanks to Dave and Becky Taylor for inviting our family to come see Dave's jet when he flew it into Atlanta this weekend. Dave is a Commander in the Navy and an instructor for young officers in the art of jet flying (or something like that). Dave gave the kids a great tour of his jet and answered all of their questions. It was a fantastic afternoon outing for our family.
Luke wants to be a fighter pilot someday, and after we told Papa Al Gasch this bit of info he told Becky and Dave and it worked out Dave was flying into northern Atlanta this weekend, and they invited us out. Luke loved every minute of it and he kept Avery (their 4 year old) giggling the whole time. Dave and Becky also have a 12 month Owen and it was fun to have Owen squared in the room. It was chilly outside in the wind but it was worth making those memories with the kids. They loved watching Dave take off and come around to tip his wings, as every said, that is her daddy's special way to say bye. A day I don't think Luke will every forget and if he does become a fighter pilot someday, he will look back on this day as a step in that direction, and if he doesn't he will look back on this day as one really awesome day in the life of a six year old. Both of my boys came today this evening at different times and said, "mom this was one fantastic day."

Luke laying under the jet, listening to Dave tell him what was what.

Avery cracking her head up over one of Luke's antics.

Anna got a look into the cockpit.

Luke listening intently as Dave teaches him how to fly the plane (or something like that.)

Beau thought this was really cool too.

A family picture (one my dad will love)

These will get printed.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like it was really fun! Papa Randy is pretty jealous, although he thinks it would have been better if it was an Air Force plane!!