Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Fun

Thanksgiving Day was all about family, we chose not to turn on football games and spent the day together enjoying the beautiful weather preparing for our feast later that evening at Grandma Marnell's. We began the day with Mass, came home and hmmed and haaed about what to do, and in the end went to the playground. The kids have been wanting for daddy to come play at this particular playground for this particular apparatus pictured below. And Daddy did not disappoint, Mommy was very worried about the puddle and had daddy not been there we would have avoided said playground equipment, but we played. And of course we paid one of the three did end up in the water, but thankfully it was only feet and we laughed it off. Ben had them going pretty fast, and they had so much fun, I was glad to make it through with only two wet feet and no injuries or tears. We ended up playing ball and wrestling in the grass for much longer than we played on the playground, but it was an absolutely wonderful day.

When we got home Owen spent some time with his tractor in the driveway. He is such a fun little boy.
While Owen entertained us, the rest of us worked on a 10 lb bag of mashed potatoes. Anna and Ben got the pot and water boiling. Beau, Luke and I peeled, Anna rinsed, then Anna and Luke peeled and Beau and I cut while Ben deposited in the pot. When all was said and done Ben mashed them and we were ready to bring them to dinner. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.

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