Sunday, February 19, 2012


We are visiting Chicago for a long weekend. We are actually visiting Auntie Sarah and Uncle Mike, who happen to live in Chicago. We had a very fun (at least for the kids) trip to downtown Chicago yesterday to visit the Lego store and the American Girl Doll store in the Water Tower Place. We also went to two clothing store for Auntie Sarah and Uncle Mike, but that wasn't the intention of our trip. We took the train (or "eL") to get there which was as fascinating as the stores to the kids.
Today we walked two blocks to Mass and have just had a very enjoyable relaxing Sunday. Aunt Sarah and Unlce Mike have a new house, so the kids have thoroughly enjoyed having room to move about and play compared to their one bedroom condo they used to live in. The house is beautiful and it has been a wonderful visit. Sarah and Mike are being educated in what it is like to watch a movie with my children, a movie they have already seen. They tell what is going to happen, they get loud during the parts that aren't that important to them, and they wiggle incessantly. Sarah and Mike are trying to enjoy the movie but will probably end up watching it again tomorrow to catch what they have missed. Owen has been up down and all around trying to avoid falling asleep. Time to put some effort into getting Owen to bed.

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