Friday, February 24, 2012


My best friend from high school lives in Michigan. This summer I didn't have the time or mental capacity to get in touch with any of my old friends while I was home. But this trip I did and my high school BFF came and visited for the day on Tuesday. Her plan was to stay for a couple hours and then head on to somewhere else. She stayed all day and left just in time for her kids to sleep on the way home and put them to bed for the night.
Love those friends that time seems to escape any loss of insight or closeness. We just picked up where we are now. Seven kids later. Carson her 4.5 year old and Luke were best of friends, their personlities were perfectly matched. Addison her 2.5 year old took a while but warmed up to PopPop and Anna and my nieces. She is a doll. Then the baby Weston was so much fun to love on. He is a doll and had so many stories to tell me, it is amazing how fast the baby days fly by.
Kendra and I talked the whole day and I'm hoping that tonight I'll get a few hours of me time to visit with her again.

All ten that were here on Tuesday. Molly, Beau, Caroline, Owen, Anna, Addison, Abiageal, Luke, Carson and Weston.

Anna putting Weston to sleep, such a baby-lover and wonderful big sister.

Kendra and I had some fantastic times in high school and summers of college, and now that we have reconnected I have a feeling there some more fun adventures to come our way. Love how God keeps the good ones always in our heart and only ever a phone call away. Thanks Kendra for being one of those friends, the kind that never really go away, but are just there waiting to be reconnected, love you.

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