Monday, February 6, 2012

One of Anna's Favorite Adventures

Owen got this riding toy for Christmas, however his older siblings seem to have way more fun on it than him right now. Almost once a day you will catch Anna taking it to the top of the driveway and riding it down to see how fast and how far she can go. It does scare me a little and I have told them to wear their helmets, but it seems as though when the urge hits them to jump on all else is forgotten and off they go. Anna does it the most often, Luke will regularly jump on right after her and occasionally I'll catch Beau taking a turn. Anna will push Owen around on it but we are careful to make sure he doesn't try to go for a ride on his own. Thankfully it is too scary for him right now, but I'm not sure how long fear is going to stop him from anything is this life, he is one of a kind.
Anna is also one of a kind. Her choice in clothes and hair styles is all her own. Lately I've been trying to do her hair a little more often with her, just because then it is more done up. I either pull it back or braid it, something to keep it out of her face and control it as the day goes on. I had the kids group photos taken not too long ago and we just used a flat iron on it and it looked so nice and controlled. Her style in clothes just makes me smile. She wears what she wants with little concern as to what others opinions of her outfits may be. She is bugging me lately because her dress selection has become close to nil as she has outgrown everything. I found one on clearance at the store last week and hope to look a little more this week. She loves bright colors and fun designs, I'm more of a neutrals and plain person myself, so sometimes it is hard to shop for her without her. She is growing up before my eyes, but she still loves me to read with her at night and lately she's been brushing my hair while we do it (which I secretly love even when she pulls it trying to braid it or put in a pony tail.) She is reading the Little House on the Prairie Series right now and I think she just started book 5. She is so much help with Owen, today I'd had it and she came and took him off to play. I'm so thankful to have a daughter, and I laugh at the number of times people say Wow! she looks just like you. I don't think it is that obvious but others do.
What she wore to school yesterday, although todays was similar.

Owen wanted his picture taken too.

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