Monday, February 6, 2012

Anna, Luke and Owen's Domain

The bathroom upstairs.
It is two part, the sinks.

and the shower and toilet. The wall color
is better seen in the above picture, the lighting
changed it here.
Luke and Owen's room.
The theme is centered around lions, Luke's favorite animal.
In his journal at school he wrote, "If I were an animal I would be a loin."
Yes, he spelled it wrong, but that makes it cuter.
Luke's Bed

Aunt Sarah sent this for Christmas, Luke loves it, his closet is open and the
other door leads to the bathroom.

Owen's Bed
Someday Owen's will match Luke's but I have to decide
if I buy him a matching blanket or wait til he has a preference and
get him something he likes.

The nook.

One last view of Luke's side of the room.
I really like the way it turned out.

Anna's room.
Her theme was butterflies, she loves the color of her walls
and I like it a lot more than the pink in Montana.

Her bed and her brother who was not cooperating.

The dresser wall, we will eventually paint the dresser dark blue
and stencil butterflies onto it.

The nook.
Her nook will eventually have a bench built below the window.
It will have a pink covered cushion and zebra throw pillows.
She has been very specific about this.

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Jessica said...

Bridget - this looks wonderful!! You make these HUGE transitions look so easy. I only wish we lived closer so that I could pick your brain more :)