Friday, April 27, 2012

Boys Being Boys

Owen and his tractor.
 Owen and Luke had an afternoon with just me recently. I don't even remember why, but we played outdoors for hours. Owen pushed his tractor and played in dirt. Luke played in dirt, watched bugs and then killed bugs. These boys won't be little forever but sitting back and watching them explore their world is one of my favorite things. Owen would live outdoors if we let him, Luke has to be urged out the door but once he's out he doesn't come back in easily. It's funny how sometimes they just do their own thing oblivious to each other. That's how this day was I, I was reading on the porch, and the boys were in the yard each doing their own thing. There was no time to stop to see what the other one was doing they were too engrossed in their own activity.

And our biggest boy, was keeping watch over all of it, good doggie.

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