Friday, April 27, 2012

Memere's Secret Recipe

 Memere came to visit, oh yeah I mentioned that in a previous post, but I hadn't added pictures. I didn't remember to take many pictures but I did remember these
 I captured the making of the secret recipe, turtles out of rolos, pretzels, and pecans...don't tell anyone the secret, but it's that Memere always makes sure the bugs a.k.a. kids wash their hands.
 Memere and Owen were the taste testers.

 Beau, Anna, and Luke take this recipe very seriously. IT is not a laughing matter, and they though Owen was tasting too much. Although it looks to me like Memere was the instigator in the tasting marathon.

 These are the things memories are made of, the kids love the traditions they have with Memere and Pappa Lloyd, they talk about them all the time.


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