Saturday, April 28, 2012

Owen's World

Owen has been up to some strange activities lately. Last Saturday he was full of creating trouble and messes. After putting his milk in his front end loader, he dumped his bubbles in the kitchen. With those two messes cleaned up, I turned my back to find him feeding a whole stick of butter to the dog. While playing in the sand box I leave the door open so I can hear him while I work around the house, when I walked out of the room he brought his dump truck in the house and left behind a load of sand. That was all in one morning.
Owen's vocabulary went from single words to complete sentences overnight. We knew he was capable and just holding out on us, but I was still surprised when he started spewing.
Most things start with I want...
"I wanna eat."
"I don't like banana." Does he not realize he's been eating several a week for a long time, kind of funny to decide now he doesn't like it.
"I wanna eat cheese please."
"I wanna go out front ride bike."
"Mama, snake on back." My shirt had a snake on the back of it.
"I pooped."
"Goodnight Beau."
"Goodnight Na" Apparently Anna has too many syllables so he shortened it.
"Goodnight Wuke."
"I wub Beau" Yeah that is apparently the only person he loves."
"Goodnight Zip"
"Goodnight doggie" He refuses to call Oscar by his name, he remains doggie, but Zip is Zip.
He has only once said "Goodnight Mama".
"I want my bed." Until we get there then forget it.
"I want byyyye and blank" that is pacifier and blanket.
"Fish in my bowl."
When  you show him a family picture he will name everybody in it, but will not say his name he will only say "me".
Owen and his chuggie track.
We are all learning to speak Owen language. When he wants to watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse he says "I want hotdog" He will also sing hotdog, hotdog, which is super cute and I hope to catch that on video someday. When he sees a train he says "chuggie" He loves playing with the train track that we have and I brought out from storage unfortunately we can only find one chuggie to play with on the track. He plays with "vrooms" and "frucks" all day long and has started to line them up in a row to play with them one at a time. He still loves to ride his fire truck and he got a new tricycle from Auntie Gail and Uncle Dave that he is getting better at every day. He is a force to be reckoned with but we sure do love him.
Milk in the front loader.
Hammering away, constructive play at least.

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