Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Planning Ahead

I'm having Anna's birthday party on Friday from 12-2. I thought that would eliminate cutting into our weekend during this great summer we are having. Although doing that means that I have to have everything ready because Ben isn't here to watch the kids or help prepare or get in the way. I got all the cakes done tonight. We are having a tea party thus, the the teacup cakes and then the big cake shaped like the kettle. I wrote all the girls names on their cups, spelling is questionable though. I also made cakes that are round (or half circles, I cut one in half to have enough) and put the boys names on it. Beau gets to have one friend and so does Luke (both of them have sisters that will be here anyway so why not.) It will be fun, or I hope. Any ideas for party favors to go along with the tea party theme, I'm stumped.
Also a couple pics of Anna getting her ears pierced that Ben took while they were there. I thought I'd taken some of her all done up after the piercing but I can't remember whose camera they are on. I'll find them soon.