Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hair Cut Anyone

I went into Anna's room today to check the progress of her cleaning. I found a pile of hair. The other day I'd noticed she'd cut her hair in a few places, and I wasn't very happy. Thankfully Daddy was home to calm me down before I blew up and it was handled calmly and rationally in a way that it would not have been if Daddy hadn't been home. One of the times I was most grateful to have him here and so thankful he isn't in the Army (and gone) anymore.
Upon seeing the pile of hair I realized she hadn't only cut her own hair, but she had played beauty parlor with her Barbies. I found four that had gone in for a cut. I asked her if she cut hers or her Barbies first. Barbies was the answer. I can only gather she thought her Barbies looked so good that she would be able to do the same to herself (that however was not the case, ugh!) So tomorrow we are getting her hair cut the way she has always wanted it (at least for the last year).

Two questions for you to answer.
1. Which Barbie below is Anna's favorite haircut to look at?
2. Which Barbie will she be getting her hair cut like?
Hint: They are not the same.


DTomorrow I will post a picture of her hair cut. Also don't pay too much attention to the way these dolls are dressed or well not, they were all put away in their proper place when I pulled them out for their photo debut.

P.S. I am still coming to terms with this whole episode, it caught me way off guard.

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