Thursday, June 4, 2009


Ben came home from work yesterday carrying a box. I thought he'd found a garage sale treasure or something, on the box was a nice dish with a glass lid. I was a little excited that he found something for me. Ha, I was wrong. There was this inside...Anna is going to tell you about Poofy, this is her first time typing. I like the rabbit. The rabbit cute. It is wite and black. It lkes to cutol and jump. It is a sneaky bunny.

Luke's face is enough to melt any mom, don't you think.

I thought the kids were crazy for naming it Poofy, but the stinkin' rabbit is living up to its name. Apparently the small dog kennel we have won't work for a make-shift hutch even for a short time, the dwarf lop earred bunny went "POOF" in the night. When we went to check on him this morning, he wasn't there. We spent ten minutes searching the garage before Beau finally spotted him. He was camoflauged being black and white. We will have to build something quick for the tricky little thing. Anna has spent most of the morning in the garage with him because he isn't allowed in the house. The kittens might get attention again by this weekend but for now the bunny is the new rage.


heidi said...

Cute little bunny!!!

Anonymous said...


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