Sunday, June 14, 2009


This weekend we were very busy. We built a rabbit hutch, finally. We cleaned the garage, built shelves, finished the shed and cleaned off the front porch. We even pressure washed the porch.
Everything looks great and now we can have our garage sale.
In between all that fun we, well Ben killed two rattlesnakles. The first one I saw in the yard between the driveway and house, the dogs pointed it out. The second one the dogs did all the work. They were barking at something and Ben saw the snake strike at Oscar. Thankfully he missed, but Ben got his gun and the snake is no longer. Beau now has two rattles that he keeps in a box. I am hoping those are the only two of the year, but I fear there will be more. I don't like them at all and I do my I am going to pee my pants from fear dance everytime we see one. The kids laugh at me and so does Ben, but I don't care I don't like rattlesnakes. I'll post pictures of our weekend soon.

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