Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Luke

Luke is 4 today. Our little monkey boy is growing into a mancub. Just the other day he asked me what a mancub was. Ben has called him that for the past two years or so, and finally he now understands what it means. Luke has been a ray of sunshine inbetween his bouts of thunder and lightning. He can throw the best of tantrums or have the best happiest personality and it all can change in a matter of minutes just like the weather in Montana.
He is eagerly awaiting the beginning of preschool next week. He has a best friend or buddy, he calls him either whose name is Connor. He plots ways to get Connor to come over. He is friendly to everyone and almost always leaves the playground, library or other social event informing that his new friend so and so (he always has a name even though it isn't always the right one) is very nice and wants to come over and play sometime. His attachment to me is becoming slightly less, the velcro effect may be starting to wear off. This will be tested next week. He is very hard to buy presents for because he is happy with anything, his most common toys are his hands, they can have something in them or be empty and he will entertain himself. It makes church hard sometimes because even though they aren't allowed to bring toys he can be just as loud with his hands. My hair has always been something he plays with too, but that is finally becoming less with my encouragement because I hate it.
Beau was not so interested as a toddler, but now he is teaching Luke in all ways Lego and Bionicles. He watches over his brother as long as he isn't ruining any of his stuff. Beau was the first one to sing Luke happy birthday this morning, and he is starting to not mind sharing his bedroom. Not a lot of difference between Beau here in this picture and Luke now, Luke's eyes are a little different and his cheeks are thinner, and he wears that Bob the Builder shirt.
Anna, loved holding him here and still loves being a big sister to him now. They play house and Barbies, and whatever else she deems the imagination theme of the day. He listens to her, and she is the first to help him when I am unavailable. I realized yesterday how convenient it was to have her around because I had to stop what I was doing a lot more often yesterday than I have this summer. Isn't she so cute here and isn't Luke so scrawny, wow to just go back there for a day and sqeeze those babes all over again. I just have to get some extra big kid hugs today.

Now here is the raving lunatic that he has become. Running helter skelter from one thing to the next, indepent, imaginitve, loving, fun, crazy, sweet and sometimes cuddly.

This is Luke Spider-Man dress shirt that I work hard to hide so he can only wear it one Sunday a month. Luke is all about Super heroes, power rangers, and transformers. They are all interchangeable to him and he is content with whatever you put in front of him.

This video captures Luke's imagination and the next one captures his boyness. I don't know what the leaves ever did to him but he was sure to make them pay.

We love this little mancub and look forward to watching him grow into a man.

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Galaxy6139 said...

Happy birthday Luke too ^^ Wish you would become an excellent boy :)