Thursday, August 13, 2009


We had a great afternoon of swimming and lunch at Mr. Jim's pool in Michigan (my SIL's dad). We are so thankful he keeps the pool up and always has it ready for us to use when we are there. The kids love it. Anna stayed in the water practically the whole time.

Luke was in and out, but he had a blast and loved jumping off the diving board.
Beau loves to swim underwater and isn't he cool in his goggles.
Anna was such a diva with her sunglasses, she can touch in the shallow end but liked the wings to help her go a little further out. Doesn't she look relaxed.
Caroline, in all her cuteness. She was getting all ready to get in the water, but stopped to pose.

Abiageal chilled on PopPop for hours (at least two) just like this, it was a little too cool for her to get in, but she was happy as a clam just watching.
Beau and Anna playing in the water. They have so much fun together no matter where they are.Luke and Caroline needed a rest, so this became the spot for the sleepy little ones. Abi did finally fall asleep.
And PopPop finally did get in the water. He terrorized Anna, and it sounded as though she hated every minute of it, but then she would just go back for more because she was really loving it.
It was a great day at the pool.

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