Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Anna

Anna has really grown this summer, not necessarily in size but in independence, personality, bravery, and just as a little person. Last summer she was so scared of water that she would never walk in the creek without holding a hand, and she would cry the instant you let go. This summer she excelled in swimming lessons, loosened up at the water park, and trudged through endless creek alone. She'd wade to her thighs, she'd travel up ahead, and she didn't need to have anyone next to her. Camping this past weekend she really strutted her stuff as she was in and out of the creek the whole time we were there, it wasn't deep but it was so cold. She loves her new found independence in the water and spent a lot of time in water this summer. Much more than anyone else. She was always the first one in and the last one out.
She has begun to love to pose for the camera, be it at the zoo, in front of the fire, or just at home when she has on a new outfit. She loves having her ears pierced and wouldn't be caught not wearing a dress to church ever. She plays all day with her brothers or alone and is helpful around the house when asked. She is so excited to start soccer and first grade that she asks ten times a day how many days until... Well tonight is her first soccer practice and Wednesday school starts. Life keeps changing a moving and although at times I miss by blond haired blue eyed toddler with two ponies sticking out the side of her head and endless chatter, I so love the brown haired blue eyed little girl she has become.

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