Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Beau

Beau is going into 2nd grade. He doesn't like to stand still long enough for a picture, but some times I make him. This summer he has managed to teach Luke and Anna all about bionicles, and that is what they did all summer long. He is ready for soccer to start this week, and he's somewhat excited about his new coach, his mom. He fished and camped and thoroughly enjoyed every day of his summer vacation. He read more chapter books than I did, and I can't even list them all because I lost track somewhere around the beginning of August. He goes to bed great but sometimes we forget to make sure his lights are out and he stays up reading way too late. He loved vacationing in Michigan, and thinks he will someday move to Chicago. He loves the water, but swim lessons proved to be a little boring as he did his own thing instead of paying attention, and I'm not sure he learned anything. His room number this year is 101 and there are dalmations on the door, he has all of this written in his brain as he prepares to journey to a new school. Anna and Beau will be at different locations this year which will be interesting. They almost always sought eachother out at recess just long enough to say hi and they stuck together on the bus and when I dropped them off. I think they will miss one another a little bit, but they will both survive. At the end of first grade Beau wrote a letter for an incoming first grader into Mrs. Bakke's class. It said, "Dear First-grader, Last year we had salamanders, meal worms, butterflys, sun flowers, and we learned about sea life. You will really like ten star partys." I know because Mrs. Bakke sent it to Anna in her welcome letter. I remember Beau getting one last year and I thought it was so thoughtful for Mrs. Bakke to do that for Anna. Something I will save. I guess we need to work on dropping the y and adding ies though.
He is a lot of work, we have to keep him in line all the time, but he is also a lot of fun. He makes us all laugh, he asks tons of questions (Lots of times I don't know the answers) and we look stuff up on the internet together all the time because he loves to learn. I am really looking forward to this year, he will grow so much and with soccer and hockey on the agenda we are starting to round out the edges of him.

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Pete and Victoria said...

What a great mom you are! These accounts of your little ones are just precious! They are blessed to have you.