Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Owen in His New Surroundings

Owen seems to really like the new house. Yesterday he went to the door and said outside please, so of course I had to oblige. Although I was cooking dinner so three other kids were asked to go out with him. Then they were all out for over an hour in the beautiful weather riding bikes, shooting basketballs, and playing in the dirt.
Owen's favorite phrase is "I wanna help." He always exaggerates the P. He helps with everything, he unfolds laundry, he tries to help pick up, he uses five paper towels to clean up his two drips of milk, and he carries wood for Ben.

He loves to do anything and everything Ben does.

This is the office, and the floor looks like this almost every day because Owen loves to color. He colors while I'm at the computer. He uses markers mostly but anything will do. He makes sure his page is covered in all different colors with no room left to color more. He usually colors on himself and sometimes me too, but he is leaving the walls alone. Wish I could have said that about the rental too, but I did a lot more wall washing than I expected on the last day of cleaning there.

He has moved to the big table in a booster and drinks his milk from the cereal bowl just like the big kids. I think he really likes his new bedroom with Luke. He goes to bed great, but he isn't sleeping through the night yet. Hopefully someday soon. I think he has night terrors like Luke did because he cries in his sleep a lot. He's saying more and more everyday although unfortunately his favorite word is "MINE". He loves to yell yeah in the car if he thinks I'm saying something exciting although many times it isn't something exciting and the other kids think it is hilarious that he yells yeah for something silly like me saying we've got to stop and get the mail. He makes life fun and very busy. Mondays are by far the hardest day, he whines a lot because he really hates it that everyone has gone back to work and school and its just me and him again, but by Tuesday he's accepted it and busies himself playing or like today throwing cars across the room until I put an end to it.
We just finished lunch and now we'll watch the end of Price is Right while he falls asleep, and then I have about 45 minutes to get a lot of work done.

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