Monday, January 7, 2013

Another Day

Back to normal life, or something like it. Ben headed out of town, kids went back to school, I went back to working out, and Owen jumped, sang, cut paper, cried, peed in the potty, disagreed with everything I suggested, and was oh so helpful grocery shopping.
I have heaps of laundry to fold, a kitchen still getting put back together, a pile of cut up paper (but at least he knows how to use scissors), and lots of corners to clean. Instead of doing all that, welI i did some of it, I spent over an hour preparing quiz bowl questions for Beau and Anna because the competition is next week, then we had martial arts and basketball practice. Bed time already but thankfully Owen and Luke went down without a peep at 8:30. That gave me an hour spent reading and quizzing Anna, just getting ready to put her to bed I found a website that had over a hundred questions for each of the books on the quiz bowl reading list. Bad news is I wasted a lot of my time earlier in the day good news is I won't waste anymore time and I have a great resource to help the kids prepare.
Now I'll kill the lights and get some sleep before it all starts over again tomorrow, but tomorrow, I will get all the laundry folded and put away, the kitchen squared away (Ben made me a second pantry on Sunday, he's amazing like that), and the pile of cut up papers will get bigger.
And I will count it all joy!

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Anonymous said...

Look at you, sticking to the plan! Keep up the great effort. Love Ya. Aunt Patty