Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Some Things Came Together

And some things fell apart or out, like Luke's tooth and his behavior must of seeped out through the whole in his head. Luke was disobedient and defiant all evening a very rare thing for him thankfully. A week with no computer and probably no TV should fix that.
I did get all the laundry folded and the kids put it away after school. The main dining room is all put back together and the kitchen is half way there. Still working on reorganizing pantries.
Two hours of basketball practice ate up our evening but Luke and Owen went to bed awesome at 8:30 and I got lots of great study time with the older two.
They are studying hard because there is a promise on the table if they really work hard this week I will take them out to dinner and they can order dessert after the reading bowl, just the three of us (maybe 4) not sure yet if Ben will stay home with the other two or if we will get a sitter. I am really proud of the effort they are putting in so far. I love no TV on in the house. Brains are working including mine.

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