Friday, January 11, 2013

Pizza Genius

That's what I feel like tonight. I've been making pizza for over 15 years. I've made it to make friends, as a get together staple, to say good-bye to friends, to feed lots of people and to feed my family regularly. However, Ben eats only meat pizza and each of the kids have a different preference and regular pizza slices were always too much. So I had some mini cake pans and turned them into mini personal pizza pans. The kids love it and there is much less waste. I love it because now I can make myself whatever I want and it doesn't touch anyone else's because I happen to enjoy mushrooms and other veggies. Now that we are making smaller pizzas I have a surplus of dough, and I hadn't come up with a good solution until tonight. I took a cupcake pan and made bite size pizzas the kids are excited to eat them for snacks or take them to lunch for school. I could also freeze them and just serve them for dinner on a night Ben is out of town. I think this idea is pin worthy so if I can figure out how to create a pin on Pinterest and if some repins it I will feel famous (hint hint).
I love great ideas especially when my kids think its a great idea too.


Anonymous said...

Yeah you! Just want you to know I am reading your posts! I am thinking new muffin tin for Valentines Day??

Patti Marnell said...

Awesome idea!! and I know the kids loved it...mine always loved pizza night. But I wasn't as genius as you are, I always bought pizza dough.
Love, Patti