Sunday, January 13, 2013

Moments of the Day

-Smooshed between two kids and a third on my lap even though there is plenty of room in the pew, I know they love me.
-Clean house thanks to the effort of the whole family, Christmas is put away and the house looks fantastic, all is in order.
-A giggling two year old downstairs because his sister is playing him while I finish up dinner.
-6 little hands pouring in mix, milk, and eggs and stirring, minor mess.
-reading outloud to all four but only one at a time.
-brothers sharing a snack on the couch both with grins that say "we got caught"
-Hearing the saw run, knowing Ben is happy doing projects.
-the swing squeaks and the boy swings, worth every penny of that $10 for the new earbuds yesterday because his old ones got caught in the swing jumping out to give his baby brother a push.
-Luke and Anna playing their made up bionicle game for over an hour.
-Owen going to bed and when he wanted water yelling down but keeping one foot in his room because he's following the rules and staying in his room, then right back in bed he went with his water cupped filled.
-Anna asking to read for a little longer
-Beau's last request of the night, "mom my laundry is almost finished, can you please switch it over for me?" You bet buddy do your own laundry without me asking, and I can do a favor for you.
-Silence, it's only 10 pm but the house is quiet...a little time for me.
Thank you Lord for this day.

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