Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Busy Beau

I've always encouraged Beau to go outside his comfort zone and apply for clubs and different things at school. I'm really glad he does but right now all his things are overlapping and he is one busy kid. On Monday he has martial arts and basketball, Tuesday yearbook committee, Wednesday science Olympiad, reading quiz bowl team, Thursday martial arts, and Friday free. He always has at least an hour of homework and daily chores. He takes out the trash, takes care of the animals and empties his part of the dishwasher.
Beau is a home body his favorite thing is to just stay home all day, so watching him apply for and make clubs and teams and follow through and do a great job is amazing. He has his own methods of handling his life, you can regularly look out the back door and see I'm swinging with his ear buds in, sometimes he listens to the same song over and over. It works for him. He loves to swing in the rain and knows its fine if there is no thunder.
Beau is growing up I find us having different conversations slightly more mature, but only slightly he still makes me laugh his sister is still great at zinging him now and then for something dumb he says and he still drives me crazy by not knowing when homework or projects are, but he's working on it. He even brought home his math notes today so he could do his homework without help. I love watching this boy become a man.

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Anonymous said...

I love that beau is a home body! so am I!!! i miss him....tell him Melissa says hi, give him a hug for me!!!