Friday, May 15, 2009

Hair cuts and Doing it himself

I finally caved and gave the boys haircuts. They were in severe need of them, but I always put it off. One because Beau doesn't sit still and it is always a fight and two because I really like little boys with hair you can comb. However, I think I have finally realized that the cows have licked my sons' heads one too many times and we will never be able to comb it.

Luke has entered the realm of doing it himself. He loves to make his own sandwiches with the white stuff. On this occasion, I caught him enjoying the miracle whip a little more than I wanted him too. His grin shows just how guilty he was.

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Anonymous said...

I honestly thought it was Beau in the first picture of this series. What a fabulous grin! If you would drop me a note with current sizes I would be happy to by the boy some clothes that fit!!! Just kidding, but you knew someone was going to comment and it might as well be me!! Love Ya. Aunt Patty

P.S. I am so happy to see new postings and pictures.