Friday, May 1, 2009

A Birthday Message

Today is our Goddaughter's birthday. She is 10. Ten years ago in a country submerged in poverty this light of God's was born. Through God's grace and the determination of a wonderful family whom I have the privilege of knowing and loving, our Goddaughter was brought home to the United States when she was about nine months old. Her first few months were rough and were spent in the hospital, but since then she has thrived physically, emotionally and most important spiritually. She is a little flower in God's garden that has blossomed so that so many can see her inner beauty and that is a credit to her parents. Unfortunately our life of moving and moving some more has not allowed us to get to personally visit very often and our lives our lived out through letters and prayers. But I pray for her often and I am so privileged to be her Godmother. God has allowed me to have an inner connection in the heart toward her that I can't imagine my life without. When she was being brought home, I lived in Alaska, I'd seen one picture and I followed their e-mails daily, but I didn't know her. But I did know her, I had vivid dreams of her, I felt her in my heart more intensely than any relationship I'd ever had before. God gave me a gift and showed me the power of prayer through our Goddaughter and I am incredible grateful for that. So today I wish her a very happy birthday, her card will be late because that is how I am, but I do want her to know we are thinking of her today and praying for her always.
God Bless,